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DevOps Consulting Services

StrideFuture DevOps consulting services enable organizations to integrate the methodologies of their Development and Operations teams, turn out quicker software releases and deploy them more frequently and continuously.

The demand for DevOps services is increasing with the growing importance of continuous product delivery.

By incorporating DevOps practices, companies can deploy code up to 30 times more frequently and achieve a deployment failure of less than 50%, thereby experiencing an increase in the overall efficiency.

We leverage our extensive experience in DevOps to provide our customers with comprehensive DevOps consulting services.

Organizational Challenges

Some of the major challenges encountered by most organizations include:

  • Lack of cultural balance between Development and Operations teams
  • Continued existence of silos between Developers and Operations teams
  • Non-involvement of DBA’s in release cycles significantly hampering the DevOps inner circles
  • Absence of acceptance of a holistic view of the entire value chain for software delivery (conception through implementation and delivery)

StrideFuture, with over a decade of proven excellence in Information Technology (IT), has a team of DevOps experts who can deliver a client-centric DevOps implementation process to overcome all the above challenges.

Our DevOps Implementation Process

StrideFuture has a well-defined DevOps implementation process that incorporates the Agile principles of close collaboration between customers, product management, developers and QA to fill-in the gaps and rapidly iterate for a better product with faster delivery and shorter time to market.

Our engagement model includes the following steps:

  • Assessment and Planning: Our team of DevOps experts help you in a viable DevOps Assessment and Strategy Planning. We create a roadmap by visualizing the desired state and identifying the traceable metrics.
  • Pilot Framework Creation: We create a pilot framework to implement the DevOps setup. This is followed by leveraging and integrating your existing tools with our strong ecosystem of open source and licensed tools.
  • Implementation: In accordance with the specific needs identified for each project, we proceed with the analysis, design, construction, automation and implementation.

We work with you closely at each step of the end-to-end process helping you save time and resources, realize quicker ROI and achieve your business

StrideFuture DevOps Framework

StrideFuture follows the standard 6C DevOps practices:

  • Continuous Business Planning: Continuous business planning includes the identification of the skills, outcomes, and resources needed.
  • Collaborative Development: Collaborative development starts with the development sketch plan and programming.
  • Continuous Testing: Continuous testing comprises the unit and integration testing required to help increase the efficiency and speed of the development.
  • Continuous Release and Deployment: Continuous release and deployment helps to minimize the lead time and cycle time (right from writing code and deployment until production).
  • Continuous Monitoring: This is useful for monitoring the changes and address the errors/mistakes spontaneously whenever they happen.
  • Collaborative Customer Feedback and Optimization: This enables immediate customer response and helps you make any necessary modifications.

Our DevOps Capabilities

We provide customers with DevOps services encompassing several capabilities such as iterative and incremental development, workload management on demand, lightweight architecture, security and automated testing techniques.

How We Help Your Business with DevOps

Our DevOps model provides customers with several advantages such as:

  • Sustained software development: By eliminating the silos between the development and operational teams, we ensure the continuity of the software development process.
  • Reduced time to market: We automate the software release process right from build to deployment using the continuous integration and continuous delivery practices, which increases the frequency and pace of releases.
  • Facilitated management: We streamline the administration of the development process and enable the disparate teams to work together on the common goals and challenges.
  • Elimination of bottlenecks: As the development and deployment teams work together, we ensure that all bottlenecks are eliminated resulting in greater efficiency.
  • Reduced costs: We ensure the reduction in the product development and deployment costs, enabling you to stay ahead of competition.
  • Enhanced quality: Our DevOps process ensures the highest quality and security through automated compliance policies and configuration management techniques

DevOps Tools and Platforms

The key to success while implementing DevOps practices is to measure the impact on your systems and on your digital business. Following are a few important tools and platforms that we use for DevOps Implementation:

StrideFuture Key Features

  • Custom-developed monitoring solution
  • Automated infrastructure provisioning
  • Resiliency
  • Increased agility
  • Enhanced quality
  • Improved innovation
  • Reduced outages
  • Scalability

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